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About Who's There

Who's There makes organising a group much easier. Keeping a members list and combining it with a list of your events, with their locations, Who's There is able to automatically generate availability for your events.
Your members are automatically emailed when things are added, changed, are coming up or just if they haven't dealt with an event. They are encouraged to say what they can come to, and check where they need to go. You even optionally make sure that once they've say they can come, they can't change it back.
Who's There also publishes your events on this website (on the home page and your own groups page) and also provides loads of tools to put the events on your own website - however it works. Even on your own site, the events automatically update, with past events disappearing when they've happened - keeping your site up to date and relevant.

How it Works

Start By:
Register and create your group, add your members, most will respond and register to receive more emails.
When you add an event:
All your registered members will be automatically emailed to have look. They will log-in to Who's There and see all the details, where it is and who else will be going. Then set their availability.
After a short time you can log back onto Who's There and see who has responded, who has look and who has said yes or no. Not everyone will have given an answer, but you now chase only a faction of the group - not everyone as you do now. This is proven to really work, the most surprising people log-on and set there availability!!
Confirm and Publish:
Your availability grid shows you who's coming, you've set the availability of those who didn't log-in, now confirm the event (your members are emailed to let them know) and publish it - its now on your website, on our home page.
Just before the event:
Your members are emailed to remind them, then on the day they can log-in and check the timings, location, and even get directions.
Last minute changes:
Even if the details change at the last minute, just make the change online and your members will be emailed - you will then see who has seen the changed and only need to contact anyone who has missed the email.

What Else?

Store files, put posters and other stationery online. Even attach files to events or add them to your public pages for anyone to download.
Subscribe to your events so they are automatically added to your computer calendar, your mobile phone, iPod and everywhere!
Member Rights. Set what your members can and cannot do in your group, give them full power or control there access.
Save locations for quick future access for all Who's There groups, make some favourite for super fast access to regular venues.
Set appearance. You and your members can set the fonts, sizes and even the overall colour scheme used on the site - wherever you log-in.
Categories. Divide your members into categories, allowing you to count how many of each group of members can make each event.
Availability Options. Members can say they are available, unavailable, or whatever else you might want them to say!
See Who's Online. As members of your group log-in, see each other and know they are looking at and thinking about your events.

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