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25th November 2011

  • Home > Registration, Group & Password Pages
    • All the /home/ pages have been converted to use the new frame layout.

23th November 2011

  • Who's There Facebook App
    • NEW - Who's There now has a Facebook App.
    • The app will export your Who's There events onto Facebook, and keep them up to date as you make any edits.
    • Members have new Facebook option in their Personal Settings. From here a member can link their Who's There and Facebook accounts by installing the App. Any member can do this, but only administrators can make use it.
    • The Public Presence setting in the Group Settings now has Facebook option. Administrators can delegate a "Facebooker" here (might be themselves) who has the app installed, and who has Admin rights over the Facebook Page where events are to be posted. Both administrators and facebookers can set where the Facebook is.
  • Public iCalendar Feed
    • Your published events are now available in an iCalendar feed that anyone can subscribe to. Members have had this feature for a while to see all events, but now followers can subscribe as well.
    • Have a look in your Public Presence settings for the links, or on the new Group Directory.
  • Public Event Email Subscription
    • Who's There can now email anyone who wants to know what your group is up to. Members of the public can enter their email address and will receive a single email for each new event you create.
    • Send people to your email subscription page, or embed a subscribe form directly on your website.
    • Have a look in your Public Presence settings for the links, or on the new Group Directory.
  • Public Data Feeds
    • In addition to the existing XML feed - there is now a new JSON feed
    • Feeds now contain confirmed and cancelled status information. You can also request events based on their status (include cancelled or confirmed only)
    • Feeds also contain the Facebook ID of an event, if it has been published there.
    • All feeds have been tidied up, stripping unnecessary white space from the files.
    • Have a look in your Public Presence settings for the links.
  • Members > Webmaster Settings
    • NEW Webmaster Role - assign one of your members as the webmaster, this person will get a new Webmaster Settings link in the settings section of the main menu.
    • The webmaster gets easy access to all the data feed links, plus can configure and edit your groups public page - something that only administrators have been able to do in the past - you can now give the job to someone with more time and knowledge.
    • Assign the webmaster on the Public Presence page in your group settings.
  • Help > Publishing Events
    • Formally "Webmasters" - this section has been completely re-written, now with a comprehensive guide to all the public features of Who's There and how to use them, along with lots of examples.
    • Full usage and structure definitions of the data feeds are also included here.
    • Sign in when looking at the page to see your groups links.
  • Group Settings > Public Presence
    • This page has had a facelift to cater for all the new options above.
  • Members > Me
    • A new "ME" link has been added to get to your personal settings, this allows generic links to be published or emailed that will take any member to their own settings
    • Try it here: whosthere.co.uk/members/me/
  • Group Directory
    • Total revamp of this page to provide links to all the new public features listed above.
    • A link to your Facebook page will be shown if you enter one (even if you don't delegate a facebooker or install the app).
    • Group logos are now also seen on this page.
  • Help > Version History
    • This page has had a visual tidy up to make it a bit more readable.
  • Help > Browser Support
    • IE9 added to the list (although it has been supported for a little while)

19th November 2011

  • Events > Archive
    • Filter and sort options recently added to the main events page now on the archive page.
    • NEW "Duplicate to New Event" feature that can create an event based on an existing, archived, event.
    • Event row display tidied up to match the main events page (incl. location address).

18th November 2011

  • Events > Mobile Version
    • New Filter & Sort features added to the mobile version. View events for just one group, a single month, just confirmed events and just events that need your availability - or all together, with many more choices. You can also change the order the events are displayed on the screen. (see desktop only update on the 15th Nov 2011)

16th November 2011

  • Events > Mobile Version
    • The main events page now loads (automatically) in pages, significantly increasing the initial load speed of this page, allow much faster access to the next events in your calendar. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page to load more events.
    • This new paging feature also allow the date and time a member viewed an event to be more reliable as it is only updated when an event is loading in a particular page on screen. (see desktop only update on the 3rd Nov 2011)
    • Improved initial load speed of page of the event detail page which now displays the page in parts as it loads.
    • The event details page now list the names of the members who are available, quick and easy to see who is coming to the event.
    • The last edited date is now captioned as such, and the date is grey, italic and slightly smaller so that is will not be confused with the event date.

15th November 2011

  • Events
    • New Filter & Sort section on the toolbar to hide events, change the sort order and skip down the list to the events you want to see. (excludes mobile version [fixed on the 18 Nov 2011])
  • Who's There > Toolbar
    • The toolbar that is a ubiquitous feature of the new design is now dynamically resizable, this means that even with a large number of features, the toolbar should still fit on even a small screen.

10th November 2011

  • Files
    • The files page now makes use of the new frame design. There are also a few minor improvement to the interface and reliability.
  • Files > Download
    • Downloading private files, when a login is required is now also more reliable.
    • Files now download inside the browser where possible,reducing the number of files actually downloaded.
  • Files > Mobile Version
    • This section has been completely re-written and now offers many of the features of the full online version, including an upload for devices that support the feature.
  • Sign-in
    • Many more pages now also use the new frame layout, including most pages that show the sign-in box (404 page).
  • Mobile Version
    • The spinner that appears when a table row is tapped is now more reliable (more likely to appear, and more likely to be gone if the back button is pressed)

3rd November 2011

  • Events > Set My Availability
    • Previously an event with locked availability would only show an error message when the member tried to change their availability. The pop-up window now also shows the full information the user entered, although still preventing any changes.
  • Events
    • The date and time a member viewed an event has always been available to Administrators - this is now more reliable as it is only updated when an event is visible on screen, rather than loaded somewhere in the window. This date is also used for email delivery rules, making emails more reliable. (excludes mobile version [fixed on the 16 Nov 2011])

20th October 2011

  • Events
    • Modified the way the main events page loads - now significantly faster. Other members availability loads (including full details) after the page is loaded, and only when an event is on screen.
  • Events > Availability > Export
    • NEW export feature allows the availability grid to be exported as a fully formatted (optionally) Microsoft Excel document.
  • Personal Settings > Appearance
    • Appearance settings now available at the top of every page. It features a more comprehensive (and less technical) colour picker, easy font sizing and font menu with live font display.

19th July 2011

  • Files
    • Made some minor changes to the database structure making the files section much faster.

14th July 2011

  • Events > Other Members Availability
    • Brought recent changes from the availability grid to the main events page, this update comes with:
      • Better saving feedback.
      • By popular request, member names appear horizontally down the left of the grid - as with the main availability page, there is a "Flip" option and your preferred orientation is remembered.
      • Fixed issues related to width of the availability window, scroll bars are now only seen on small monitors and for large groups.
      • Totals and the event name are removed from the floating window, this information can all be seen already on the main page, location names will be shown when relevant.
      • New toolbar.
      • Occasional members are now hidden by default, and can be shown or hidden.
      • Close button added to the toolbar to improve overall usability.
  • Events
    • Moved map close button to facilitate the recent and all future Google Maps redesigns
  • Who's There > Speed
    • Moved all static content to separate session free domain
    • Removed access to whosthere.co.uk - all users will be automatically redirected to www.whosthere.co.uk

8th July 2011

  • Events > Availability Grid
    • Fixes display issues with rotated text in Internet Explorer 9.

28th June 2011

  • Events > Availability Grid
    • Total re-write of code that processes and saves changes, noticeably:
      • The "Saving, please wait..." message is now clearer and more reliable. Hovering your mouse over this message shows you exactly what you're waiting for.
      • Saving messages that appear in the tooltip of a grid cell are also more reliable.
      • If you try to close or move away from the availability grid before saving has completed, an alert warns you and allows you to wait.
    • You can now click a new "Flip" button to choose which way round the grid is displayed, either members or events on the top and either events or members on the left.
    • Members with view only rights can now see which other members have guests, and how many (consistent with other visible data).
    • Fixed resizing issues that effected column header text in some browsers.
    • Fixes minor totalling bug (effecting a very small number of events) in the printout.

20th June 2011

  • Events > Availability Grid
    • General layout improvements and new features, including:
      • Grid now shows event status.
      • Cancelled events are hidden from the grid, new button allows them to be seen.
      • Dynamic sizing of event names - more of the grid is visible on smaller screens.
      • Improved resizing of totals cells when your totals are long.
      • Improved layout on small screens (before resize)
      • Fixed tiny scrolling issue when occasional members were hidden for some groups

2nd May 2011

  • Who's There > Printing
    • Made several improvement to printing from Who's There which is now more consistent and reliable cross-browser.
    • The main logo printed now respects your theme colour.
  • Events > Printing
    • The main events page now prints in a more usable layout, with all dynamic and screen only content removed.

7th March 2011

  • Events
    • Added events location to main screen, where available

22nd February 2011

  • Events > New / Edit
    • Fixed bug affecting event times between 12:00pm and 12:55pm that caused them to change to just after midnight the following day.
  • Events > Times
    • If selecting 12:00pm this is now displayed in the New / Edit screen as noon and everywhere else as "12 noon"
    • If selecting 12:00am this is now displayed everywhere as "Midnight (23:59:59)". This is technically different to what is being selected, but most users expect midnight to be at the end of the day, the use of 23:59:59 makes what is happening as clear as possible.

31th January 2011

  • Events > Notes
    • Fixed bug that caused error when entering notes over 1024 characters. Limit has been increased to 6,144 characters and a friendly warning now alerts you if it would fail.

25th January 2011

  • Events
    • This update represents a major re-write of the events section, some new features but a massive consolidation of the existing features that should make everything easier to find and use.
  • Events > Main Page
    • Now making use of the new frame design, this page contains much of the information for all events in one place and in a new clearer layout. Much of the key information is in the same place, but extra details and facilities to edit live on the page have been added. The page also loads much faster, with some information kept back until you ask for it.
  • Events > New and Edit
    • This has page as radically changed - a new way to create events!
    • The main event details now appear as a row and ask for date, time and location. You can add more rows to provide different dates, times and locations. Unlike the old system, you only need to provide the information you want, making the event entry far more flexible.
    • The location is chosen from a list, either leave as [No location], enter some simple text or open a full screen map to choose a saved location or a new map point. All your groups favourites locations are also displayed in this menu for your convenience.
    • Time entry is now 12 hour, halving the length of the hour menu (pm is default). Times of 5 minute intervals are now available.
  • Events > New and Edit > Location Map
    • Now full screen, with improved search and better access to saved, favourite and recently used locations. A [Drop Pin] button allows you to specify a new location. On this page you are now also able to add and remove favourite locations and change the default start (home) position of the map.
  • Events > Status
    • You are now able to change the status of an event (Unconfirmed/Confirmed/Cancelled/Published) directly on the events page, either by ticking the events and using the toolbar, or by clicking the icons directly on the event - try it!
  • Events > Notes
    • Now opens in a window over the main events page and broken into the three sections (Members, Public and Admin notes) using the toolbar. Saved changes update on the main event page immediately and the window will move the edited event to the top of the screen.
  • Events > Attachments
    • New files can be attached directly on the events page, and detached by hovering over the attached file
  • Events > Availability
    • Members availability is set much as before, but with more feedback to what is happening. The groups availabilities is new, loaded only when clicked (to increase the initial page load time) this is shown in the same format as the full availability grid - and is now editable directly from the main events page, just like the full grid.
  • Events > Availability Grid
    • Total rebuild that is hopefully faster and more useable, although essentiality the same look.
    • Your default group setting is now respected, and the group is selected from each grid.
    • Total columns will now always fit and resize to accommodate the text.
    • Horizontal scrolling now works using your mouse scroll wheel (provided your mouse supports horizontal scrolling).
    • Names are displayed faster, using simple text (formerly used images), please make sure your browser is up to date for this (although works in IE from v5).
    • Members with view rights, but no edit rights on the grid can now set their own availability here if they wish (availability locking is maintained for none admin members)
  • Events > Availability Grid > Print
    • It's here - print the grid! A page that is specially designed to be printed will open. Any changes made to the display of the grid will be reflected in this printable page.
  • Events > Duplicate
    • Unchanged, but accessed directly from the main events page and a little clearer.
  • Events > Delete
    • Same basic idea, but accessed directly on the main events page and with better feedback.
  • Groups > Event Map
    • Events with map locations are shown with a [Show Event on Map] button, this opens over the events page and makes use of the full version Google maps, rather than the minimal editable version seen elsewhere. This means full access to all the latest Google features, including StreetView, Traffic and directions as well as a vast range of other overlays. The event information is also downloadable from the map as a KML file for display in Google Earth.
  • Members > Default Group
    • A new page, accessible directly from anywhere you can select a group now allows you to select the group that is automatically selected each time your asked (currently accessed from the availability grid and new/edit event pages).
  • Who's There > Change Logging
    • A new change logging system has been implemented that will be used across the whole site, currently it is only seen in the events section. Users can see what changes have been made, by who, and when, changes will be hidden if the members rights would have allowed them to make that change. The last edited date is shown on all events for everyone. This is will ultimately lead to a better email system, with users told what has changed in the email, the system will also know if a change was reversed, so no email will need to be sent.
  • Events > Mobile Version
    • Again a total rewrite and much more usable on a smartphone, now gives access to ALL the features of the full site (except edit/new event location map, coming soon!).
  • Events > Archive
    • Added archive to show past events.
  • Members > Event Subscription (iCalendar)
    • Added option to include passed (archived) event to iCalendar subscription. New option on the subscription settings page controls how much archive data is received.
    • Improved the interface for event subscriptions making it easier to subscribe in various calendar systems.
  • Home
    • Updated to new frame layout and improved access from mobile phones.
  • What's On
    • Updated to new frame layout.
  • Group Directory
    • Updated to new frame layout.

24th January 2011

  • Who's There
    • Changed the order of the main navigation menu so the old frame matches the new frame

16th January 2011

  • Groups > Group Page
    • Implemented new frame layout onto this page in order to support new mapping features to be launched soon
  • Groups > Favourite Locations
    • Favourite locations now set using the new map
  • Groups > Map Home
    • The new name for map default and using the new much larger map, groups with unchanged defaults will be zoomed in slightly to compensate for the larger view.

14th January 2010

  • Members > Event Subscriptions
    • Fixed bug that prevents subscriptions in Google Calendar. Subscriptions are also generally also more robust now.

12th January 2010

  • Who's There
    • The site now has a new layout frame, the design is largely unchanged, but the new frame is better constructed and more compatible with modern desktop and mobile browsers. The design features new improved tooltips, alerts, online members window and keyboard shortcuts
    • The new frame will be rolled out on various pages over the coming months, with every page being revamped to take the design.
    • As of today the new design (most obviously identified with the 'Members Online' message in the top right-hand corner) is visible only within the Help (this) section, notice will be posted here when the design is rolled out to other sections.

18th December 2009

  • Events > Availability Grid
    • The totals column is now wider to better accommodate guest counts. Guest counts are now also more accurate.
  • Members
    • Fixed errors caused by member names that contain quotation marks

9th December 2009

  • Events > Availability Grid
    • The availability grid was made available to everyone on the 30-Nov-09, however this was not visible to some members of groups with none default rights. This has been fixed.

16th November 2009

  • Groups > Logo
    • When attempting to extract a logo from your website, logos are now found even if your site's url is hidden in a frameset
  • Groups
    • Improved the appearance of the Groups page, showing larger icon button instead of a table
  • Members
    • Fixed rights issues which appeared to give non-administrators more access then in reality (data was always safe)
  • Events
    • Published events with no location now display on public pages as expected
  • Events
    • Multi-date events now remain visible until the end of the event.
  • Maps (across site)
    • All maps updated with newer zoom, pan and map-type controls provided by Google.

4th November 2009

  • Events
    • Fixed bug that caused file attachments to display incorrectly when files where attached to multiple events

2nd November 2009

  • Files
    • Fixed bug that caused all events to be marked as modified when a file was attached to any event
    • Modify dates have been reset to 1979 to prevent spamming of members

30th October 2009

  • Group Directory
    • Added an option to see all groups, and set this as the default view
  • Events & Members
    • Improved the function and appearance of the 'With Selected' options, now on the toolbar
  • Events > Availability Grid
    • The availability grid is now available to all members (in line with existing member rights)
    • Fixed bug that prevented notes and guest information from disabling in the popup for some events
  • Group Settings > Availability Options
    • Custom options can now be deleted as expected.
    • Fix bug effecting preventing users of IE from viewing and editing options
  • Events
    • Events can now be deleted as expected.
  • Personal Settings > Groups
    • Added notes on how to leave a group and delete a group, may add these as function if demand requires.
  • Help
    • Began logging version history.

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